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Getting in the groove!

First trip out to the grocery store and….it was a success! And I am so overwhelmed by people’s kindness! Princess, you hate your car seat, plus I needed to push a shopping cart, so I opted to carry you in … Continue reading

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1 week post partum

Here’s what my tummy looks like after giving birth vaginally one week ago. I’ve been using the “Belly Bandit” and I really think it has helped shrink things down. Look how noticeable my linea negra is now lol. I wonder … Continue reading

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Third time is not a charm!

It is officially official my love! Our last and final attempt at getting a really good picture of your face just didn’t happen yesterday. I’m convinced you are building the suspense for your big arrival. What fun is it if … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Ramblings: Body image…yet again

Went to the Motherhood Maternity outlet store yesterday afternoon and I have mixed feelings about stopping in. On the one hand, they were having a 40% additional off of anything sale or clearanced…woohoo! That means I got 3 awesome tops … Continue reading

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Cloth Diapering and no I’m not a hippie mama

Look what we got in the mail two nights ago…eeeeeeeeeep! Aren’t they cute?? DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a hippie mama who’s all about organics and composting and hugging trees! Phew, I had to get that out of the … Continue reading

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What a steal!

Found a pretty much brand new rocker on Craigslist and not only is it in pristine condition, but I only paid $75 and the sweet lady threw in the side table for free! She had even kept the receipt from … Continue reading

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Maternity clothes, update!

Just a quickie post to show you one of my work outfits! I’m still loving the clothes I bought to accommodate my changing body. This skirt is SO comfy and so is my non-maternity Charlotte Russe top haha. Feeling great … Continue reading

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