The 3D scan!

Well hello baby girl!!! We got to see your amazing and beautiful face for the very first time yesterday!!! Words just simply cannot express what it feels like to see your magnificent face up close. Darling, you are gorgeous. Simply stunning.

Let me first start off by saying that I was a little hesitant to get excited about this appointment because we had such difficulty getting a clear shot of your big sister at this age. She was so low in my pelvis and using her placenta as a face pillow, ha! You are similarly low so I thought for sure this would be an issue again. BUT….it wasn’t! You were using your placenta as a side pillow (and because of that we get to go back in 2 weeks for free to see if we can get an even better image) and we could clearly see you! You had plenty of amniotic fluid around you and I could see you swelling, your heart beating and then….you even smiled…TWICE!! You are already so happy in there! Omg my heart melted into a puddle on the floor when I saw that. I’m just so in love already and cannot wait to snuggle you in my arms!

The tech couldn’t get over your lips. Look how full they are! She pointed them out in every picture haha! It’s true, we make luscious lips over here 😉


A BEAUTIFUL smile. This picture just did me in. You are so expressive already! You kept smiling and scrunching your nose haha.MM_33

Another gorgeous smile caught! I have a feeling you are going to be quite a happy little girl and quite a joy!MM_17

A close-up of your face again. Because I cannot get enough. Ever.MM_15

This one shows your lips off again, mouth slightly open and we can see your gums! Your eyes are also open!! You are doing all sorts of fun tricks in there! Also notice the chubby cheeks already and the little fat roll under your neck! Your big sister had that too!! Swoon!MM_19

And, of course, the mommy daughter picture. Had to have one of these to remember the special day. 10296953_10102375276174334_8752380123229048948_nI love you so much my little bean! And I’m very excited to be able to go back in 2 weeks and see you again!!!

Love Mommy Em



About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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One Response to The 3D scan!

  1. beingbodeker says:

    She is just delightful and OH THOSE LIPS!!!!! Just like Big Sister! Congrats congrats congrats again! xoxoxoxo ~Auntie Ruby

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