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Sleeping milestone

Another day, another milestone. This one is huge though, baby girl. Tonight, for the very first time ever you allowed me to put you to bed WITHOUT nursing. Wow. What an accomplishment for both of us! It’s such a bittersweet … Continue reading

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Tay = okay Shemma = Gemma Cowsh = couch Hep = help Shock = chalk Nay-Nay = Nelli Saaaaay = Sage Hep pease mama. Mama do. Mama doing. I find mama. Hi. Mama car, bluuuue! Hi!!!!! How ahhhh you? You … Continue reading

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My giant heart

They say your heart grows when you have a child and for each child you add your family. You have to fit all that love in somewhere right? I imagine some mamas’ hearts fill their entire bodies and then some … Continue reading

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