Happy 18 Months!

And just like that, a year and half flew by! How are you already 18 months old?! This post is so bitter sweet for me! This is the last monthly session we will document with your cow! ūüė¶ Waaaah! We will switch to yearly now. Breaks my heart but it’s time! I have heard that 18 months is a prime age for a development explosion and I have to say it really is! Goodness you pick up new words every day and you understand SO much more than I realize most days! You are truly amazing and I continue to be in awe of you and all your accomplishments! ¬†Congratulations on making it a year and a half…that was seriously the fastest 1.5yrs of my entire life!!

Newest Developments:

  • Increased vocabulary. Lots of new words! My favorites (from yesterday) include peepee and poopoo haha. It’s the first time you’ve shown some understanding of going potty in your diaper! I think we’ll work on potty learning soon.
  • You made a three word sentence!!! You both signed and spoke “help mama please” and I nearly died from excitement haha.
  • Defiance! We say no, you do it anyway haha
  • Your personality is becoming more clear every day. You are incredibly independent and do not like people doing things for you. You also are very particular about people and your personal space. You do not like strangers and you do not appreciate people fawning over you haha.
  • KISSING MAMA and DADDA! The sweetest!
  • You’re getting much better at climbing and scaling things which terrifies me to no end.
  • Imitation. This is by far one of my most favorite things to watch. You see me do something and you replicate it perfectly. So amazing.


      • Weight: 24lbs (66th percentile)
      • Height:¬†33 inches (88th percentile!! SO tall!!)
      • Head:¬†19.25 inches (98th percentile haha!)

We fancied up your photos for this month (went outside haha) since we won’t do it again until 2 years old! ‚ô•

IMG_7244b IMG_7250b IMG_7252b
I love you so much my precious and sweet souvenir!

About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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2 Responses to Happy 18 Months!

  1. Grandma Em says:

    You look so grown up my beautiful Gemma. Happy 18 months. Hope to see you soon….

  2. KC says:

    18 months is the best age ever! Love her!

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