On a jet plane!

Woo woo baby girl!! You are a rock star ๐Ÿ™‚

For mommy’s 30th birthday we took a trip down memory lane (blog post to follow) and went to San Diego. This meant a plane ride. Your very first plane ride. Now I know I should have been very nervous for a lot of reasons…going through TSA security, your ears’ reaction to the elevation change, temper tantrums at being bored, etc. But in all honesty, I was way too excited to be nervous! And let’s be honest, you’ve been amazing at life thus far, so why would this be any different, right? Right!!

Like mommy predicted. You did amazingly well and had a blast flying on your very first jet plane! ๐Ÿ˜€

Prepare to be photobombed!! Incoming!!!!!!!!!!!……….

Preparing to leave for the airport
I think you wanted your nails painted ๐Ÿ˜‰
Getting situated in our seat!
Nursing at take-off
You rather enjoyed your Southwest airlines pretzel snacks haha
People told us to bring toys…nope…you had way more fun with a bag of peanuts and an empty plastic cup!
You passed out right as we were landing!
And you stayed asleep while we waited in baggage claim to grab our luggage
Awake while we waited for our car rental! OMG I love your beautiful baby brown eyes!

Arriving at the airport for our return flight!

This time we got an entire row to ourselves. You felt like a big girl sitting in the middle seat all by yourself!
The simplest things keep you entertained ๐Ÿ™‚
Hi Daddy! I’m pretty!
Feeling extra proud of yourself here. I love that face you make!
Thank goodness for peanuts…that bag seriously intrigued you!

First flight in the books baby girl!! Your ears didn’t seem to bother you much at all and lots of people oohed and ahhhed over you and how good you were on the plane. Mommy and Daddy included! I’m so excited to travel more places with you and show you the world!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!


About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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One Response to On a jet plane!

  1. Grandma Em says:

    Oh Gemmie! How much you have grown! The world is amazing isn’t it? Especially when Mom & Dad are with you! I have enjoyed to see you grow and develop into such a curious and independent little girl. Just like Mommy, you are amazing and beautiful. I can see how happy you are and how much you contnue to enjoy your discoveries along with Mom & Dad. What a lucky ducky you are … Pretty soon you’ll be talking…. I can’t wait. I love you little princess!

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