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Happy 6 months! (part 1)

Happy 6 months my lovely daughter! It has been half a year since you came into this world and there is so much to celebrate. I’m working on a very big blog post for you my sweet souvenir, but I … Continue reading

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A Final Nursery Story

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to blog the pictures of your nursery, my sweet little princess. I think it’s maybe because I keep adding little touches here and there and it’s never actually complete in my … Continue reading

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Look who’s sitting up…

“Look ma no hands!” Haha, oh my sweet little souvenir!! You are getting SO strong. You are now able to sit up all by yourself for short periods of time. You usually can go for about 20-30 seconds before getting … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

I love you my little Easter sparkle!! Big smooches to you! Your very first Easter was a success and you looked so precious…like a little doll all dressed up in your very first fancy dress, shoes, hairband, bracelet and sweater. … Continue reading

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Hi feet!

You are too cute little one! 🙂 Who needs toys at a diaper change when you have these cool things? You found your feet my munchie. Congratulations!

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And we’re rolling…

And just like that, you decided it was time to roll over haha! Your daddy and I had been talking about it and we figured you were strong enough and probably knew how, but we hadn’t really encouraged (read tempted) … Continue reading

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