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Happy 4 months!

Happy monthly birthday my little souvenir!! You’ve now been with us for 4 months and I literally cannot remember what it was like to NOT have you. You have made our lives that much more complete. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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Wait, babies get food from where?

Boobs!!! Haha yes, the breastfeeding post is here! Disclaimer: There are photos of my baby eating, if that sort of thing freaks you out, you are excused from reading this post! Second disclaimer: I believe every woman and baby is … Continue reading

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Watching you sleep is like watching a miracle right in front of me. Seeing you breathe, and smile, and coo in your sleep is enough to bring tears to my eyes. It’s a love unlike any I’ve ever known. I … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a very special month this is for mommy and daddy. Lots going on this month. First off…YOU were conceived just a couple days before V-day one year ago in amazing Costa Rica (what an amazing souvenir!), mommy and daddy’s … Continue reading

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A very sweet souvenir indeed

Happy conception my little Costa Rican monkey princess! It was one year ago (yesterday, 2/12/11) that your daddy and I were on vacation and had no idea that we were bringing home THE BEST souvenir anyone could ask for. Pura … Continue reading

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Mommy and Daddy have been teaching you bad habbits haha! You are learning how to make raspberries with your lips and you are having SO much fun trying and let me tell you princess, it’s just about THE.CUTEST.THING.EVER!!! Here’s a … Continue reading

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13.5 weeks post partum

Gooooaaaal! Goal weight that is haha. Officially back to pre-prego weight and working on tonage (that is totally not a word haha, but whatever). Hello definition in arms and tum tum returning…finally! This is good because I need to be … Continue reading

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