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Happy 3 Months!

Woohoo! Happy 3 months to you my little princess monkey milk monster! I love you SO much!! Each day we continue to learn new things and each day continues to be more rewarding than the last. I really feel like … Continue reading

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There you are lefty!

It took you a couple more days, but for the record, you’ve now found your left hand too! You like to stare at in while you are in your car seat. At least something is keeping you slightly entertained in … Continue reading

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Right hand? Check!

Well hello right hand! Where did you come from? You found your right hand 3 days ago and today I finally caught a picture of you examining it. You are so stinkin cute…and smart! I wonder when you will discover … Continue reading

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A part of me is missing…

Oh sweet, sweet, angel. Today was the very first day I spent apart from you. We were apart for 9 hours and the entire time I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Literally. When did my heart start living outside my … Continue reading

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An Appendage Discovery

Today we found our legs! Haha, it is so cute! I took your diaper off this morning and let you lay around for a bit sans diaper and you totally discovered the movement of your legs! So today, at every … Continue reading

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Baby Browns

Baby girl, I am in serious need of pictures of you on this blog. I don’t post pics of your absolutely beautiful face often enough. It’s not that I don’t take pictures…no no no…in fact mommy’s part time job is … Continue reading

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Shaping up…differently

We’re talking post baby bod over here. It’s kind of funny, dropping the 28 pounds I gained and fitting back into my pre prego clothes were what I thought was going to be difficult after giving birth. Turns out, that … Continue reading

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