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Happy 2 Months!

Baby girl, happy 2 months to you!! Two months doesn’t really seem like that long of a time, but it feels like I’ve never known life without you. Every day continues to be such a joy and seeing you grow … Continue reading

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8 weeks post partum

Hitting the gym for some cardio has felt SO good. Oh how I’ve missed a good sweat. Started doing sit ups and other abdominal strength exercises and omg my muscles are so weak! I’ve never felt myself this weak and … Continue reading

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Work it out!

First day back at the gym, woohoo! Your aunt Toni and uncle Chris were so generous to watch you this morning so I could get in a good workout. Oh man, I’m thrilled! I’ve been craving the gym for months! … Continue reading

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6 weeks post partum

Had my 6 week check-up with the midwife and she said everything is healing nicely. Yay! She also gave me the green light to start doing sit-ups and see if I can’t get my muscles back together. They’re all separated … Continue reading

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The Birth Story

October 28, 2011 12:15am: I woke up with a searing pain at the top of my belly, but I had been coughing and thought I must have jiggled something by my ribs and inflamed something. No big deal. Got up … Continue reading

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