Hospital Tour

A few nights ago, Daddy and I got to experience something so fun and actually kind of magical. We went on a guided hospital tour of the facility where you will come into this world, my little princess! It was such a surreal experience and it really hit us hard…you are really coming…you are really going to be here…and soon!

Seeing where I would be checked in and monitored, then where I will labor and deliver YOU and then where we (family of 3!!!) will recover and bond and get to know one another almost had me jumping out of my skin with excitement!!

You will be born at a brand new, state of the art Kaiser women’s and children’s center where all the rooms are incredibly spacious and private…yes private! How awesome is that?! The whole facility is brand new and designed with the birthing mother and family in mind. I’m so in love! I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful environment for you to be brought into. Ready for pictures?? Okay, here we go!

Here they will monitor mommy and, get vitals and see if I am ready to be admitted. This process should take about an hour.

Once they determine that it’s the real deal and I’m admitted to the hospital, they’ll transfer me to the labor and delivery room here:

These spacious, brand new, state of the art delivery rooms are ahhhh-mazing. You can’t really tell how large they are from this picture, but it’s huge. Trust me. So huge in fact, that we fit the whole tour of about 30 people in here. Also so huge, that they don’t have a limit to how many people can be with you at the time of delivery, woo! It can either be just Daddy and me or 30 of our closest friends and family haha.

This is the place where YOU will come into the world. Can you believe it?!?! OMG. You will be here very soon, AH!

One awesome feature is Daddy’s spot. In the event we’re laboring for a long time, Daddy can rest on his very own futon!

Another great thing about Kaiser is that I can labor and delivery ANYWHERE I want! Anywhere you say? Yes, anywhere…

If mommy is feeling the love from warm water then this is where I will be 🙂

Once you are born we will probably stay in the labor and delivery room for about 2 hours, bonding. Once all is in order, our happy and perfect family of 3 (<— OMG) will be transferred to the recovery room where we will stay anywhere from 1-2 days:

Look how huge this room is too!!  This is where we will do a lot of our bonding and oohing and ahhhing over you and your undoubtedly adorable face! 🙂

And for Daddy? Well…Daddy get’s a chair:

But don’t worry, his little green chair actually folds out into a 7 ft long bed! Yay! So we’ll all have a place to rest our weary heads haha.

And this…well this is mommy being silly and excited about just having toured the very place where you will come into the world! I’m pointing at the maternity clearance tour badge I put on my tummy haha:

What an exciting night this was and it really made it feel real for the first time. We are having a baby!!!! A beautiful souvenir from Costa Rica! Our own little monkey! WOW!!! And this is where we will meet you for the very first time! Swoon!

I love you little monkey!!


About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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One Response to Hospital Tour

  1. Melissa says:

    yay! Gian and Jon both have the same sleeping accomodations for both rounds. Jon’s more thrilled about the futon vs the chair. LOL

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