Monkey update and the dreaded Glucose test

We had our 28 week appointment today my little princess monkey, and all looks fantastic!! Your heart rate was hovering in the 140s and you gave the doctor a nice little kick as she was measuring my tummy haha! Speaking of measurements, my uterus is now measuring at 27cm from the pubic bone to the fundus (top), another “perfect”  or “on-target” measurement. The doctor said, “you look small, but you are measuring perfectly every time, great job!” Yay! She was also very pleased with my weight gain, woohoo! Look at us go! So all in all we got a gold star today. 😀

The doctor also gave me a kick-count card and I’m suppose to start counting (once a day) how long it takes you to move 10 times and I record it on my card and bring it with me to every appointment from here on out. I’m excited! I always check in with you multiple times a day so now I actually get to document it.

She also handed me paperwork regarding my birth plan that your daddy and I are to fill out and bring back so they can make sure it’s on file when we go into labor. I’m so excited! Kaiser is surprisingly liberal and progressive when it comes to labor and delivery and they are open to SO many things that are important to me for your birth. For example, I’m allowed to labor and give birth in ANY position that I like! I don’t have to be on my back, phew! I can also eat if I feel the urge. And my favorite, is they strongly believe in skin to skin contact so you and I will get immediate bonding time right when you are born…no fussing or messing with you to get your weight, put goop in your eyes or start taking blood and giving you shots. We get at least one blissful hour of uninterrupted skin to skin time. WOOHOO! So happy we are with Kaiser right now.

In addition to our 28 week appointment today I also had the glucose tolerance screening test. This is a test normally done around 28 weeks gestation to check for gestational diabetes. Basically, the doctors want to ensure that I am not having any trouble clearing sugar from our (I love that I share it with you haha) system. I’ve heard awful things about this test because they make you drink a very sugary beverage and then poke you with a needle after an hour.

Well, I’m happy to report that my glucose drink was lemon-lime flavored, chilled and had just a hint of carbonation. In fact, it was darn right tasty! I loved it! And as for getting poked with the needle, well that was just fun haha. I have no problems with blood drawing as long as it’s done correctly. So, now we wait. I imagine I will hear back in a few days whether I passed or failed the test. A passing score is usually less than 140mg/dl of sugar in the blood after one hour. So, fingers crossed!

Here’s a nice link if you’d like to learn more about the glucose test during pregnancy:

 I have so much to blog about in the next couple days…here we go! I love you little girl!


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After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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One Response to Monkey update and the dreaded Glucose test

  1. Sonam says:

    Did my glucose test about 15 days back. Passed it. Though in India they say it has to be less than 130mg. Wonder why is it different here. Have another glucose test pending in my next visit to the gyno. Fingers crossed.

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