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Take two…

…but maybe take three will be better? Oh sweet souvenir of mine, you have got to be the most cuddly, snuggly little thing ever! You really love your little placenta pillow and for the second time refused to show us … Continue reading

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30 weeks development

At 30 weeks, my little princess, it’s still all about refining and growing so that you’re prepared to survive outside my body. Sniff, sniff, tear, tear…you’re not going to need me for much longer! 😉 Just look at what you … Continue reading

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No, Mr. DeMille, I’m not ready for my close-up

That’s pretty much what you said to us yesterday afternoon my princess monkey. Daddy and I scheduled, then re-scheduled, then re-scheduled again a 3D/4D ultrasound (since we have no more left with the doctors) so we could see your precious … Continue reading

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Cloth Diapering and no I’m not a hippie mama

Look what we got in the mail two nights ago…eeeeeeeeeep! Aren’t they cute?? DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a hippie mama who’s all about organics and composting and hugging trees! Phew, I had to get that out of the … Continue reading

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30 Weeks!

We made it to 30 weeks!!! Oh.My.God. I am so stinkin excited!! How is it possible that we only have 10 weeks left until you’re here?! Baby, what a milestone…30 weeks! That just sounds SO pregnant haha! This journey has seriously … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Baby Shower!

Baby Em!! Your first official party held in your honor was this past weekend. Your Grandma went all out and hosted a little shindig for you at her house and you were showered with so much love and presents and … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Ramblings: Public Comments

Image credit: Stock Illustrations Walked into an eatery to get lunch today and this is what went down between two girlfriends sitting at a table near where I was standing waiting to order: Friend 1: Aw, look she’s pregnant! Look … Continue reading

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