Fashionable Maternity Clothes…mission impossible?

I was beginning to become SO disheartened about my clothing options now that I don’t fit into my regular clothes.  I’m trying to avoid crying breakdowns by not stuffing myself into my pre-prego clothes haha. Lesson learned on that one. I’ve been out to various maternity clothing stores here in my city, and I have just been utterly disappointed. I even went with a girlfriend to see if it was just me being picky…nope! Turns out, she agreed with me and maternity clothing and options for women look like…well…for lack of a better phrase…mom clothes! I know what you’re thinking…um, you are a mommy now, Em! Yeah, but I have a certain style and it’s a lot younger looking than many of the fashions I’ve found at the run of the mill maternity stores. It’s been very frustrating to say the least! When I’ve searched online for clothing it has not been friendly on the pocket-book. Where am I suppose to get fun and affordable fashions while prego?!?!

I need a combination of professional clothing options for work, along with cute, casual weekend clothes. It’s also summer here and will reach the upper 90s and 100s so I need summer casual clothes (and I don’t want to purchase 12 million empire waisted maxi dresses) stat! Monkey, you will soon learn that mommy loves clothes…clothes AND shoes. I fear I will spend a fortune on you when you get here haha. But I seriously cannot wait. But as for myself, I just don’t think it’s fair to have to dress in a style that is not my own just because I am pregnant! So, what’s a girl to do…. ?

I went out this weekend and I made it happen. I just needed to think outside the box! Silly mommy, not sure why I didn’t think of this before. I realized, okay the pregnant woman’s body gets bigger in the chest area and the tummy area so I need to find clothing that can accommodate those regions currently and as they grow. But it doesn’t mean that I necessarily need to purchase maternity clothes. Larger sizes and styles that can accommodate those specific regions can work too! Duh!! 😀

I hit up my favorite stores to buy clothes and went up anywhere from one to three sizes, looking for styles that would accommodate my belly and chest and voila!! Maternity clothing, without compromising my style! AND easy on the pocket-book!

Here’s a look at what I got (disclaimer: it’s a lot harder to photograph clothes and make them look cute, than you think haha!)

Charlotte Russe finds:

Two work skirts in black and grey with the cutest little slit up the back. These are obviously NOT maternity skirts but they have a stretchy waist band and buying them in a Large and in and X-large, I can wear them around my hips below my belly! $16.99 each

Love Couture finds:

The cutest summer dress that I will pair with brown cowboy boots. I’m in love!! The belt sits right under my chest and above my belly. $24.90

Flowy summer top that will definitely accommodate my growing belly. $16.90
Finding shorts has been the bane of my existence. Being only 5’2 (can’t believe I admitted that…I am normally ALWAYS in heels so people think I’m much taller haha) my legs are really short so I need a shorter short. I absolutely could NOT find anything cute at the maternity stores that flattered my body type. Soooo, I found the shortest shorts I could find and bought them in a large so they sit low around my hips and the length is now perfect! These shorts would be teeny tiny if they were pulled up to the waistline where they’re suppose to sit, but pulling them below my belly allows them to fall just where they should on my short tree stump legs! 🙂 $20.90
With a cute white or black cami under this I can wear this to work or pair it with shorts this summer! $13.90
How cute is this top?! Again, a white or black cami under this will make it the perfect work top! $19.90
The little black dress…we all need one of these 🙂 This one is made of 100% soft cotton and feels so great against my skin. $12.90

Bellabou find:

Fun work skirt that I can pair with a white top…and on sale! $32.00

H&M find:

Sorry dressing room picture haha. Halter dress can be dressed up or down. $12.95

I’m so happy I finally found some clothes that I can comfortably fit into without sacrificing my style and without breaking the bank, yay! Hope these can last me through the summer!

On another note…I’ve been going through your soon-to-be nursery that currently is being used as my closet and boxing up pre-prego clothes and weeding out stuff I’ll never wear again to give to good will so we can paint in there next weekend and start setting things up for you…I’ll give an update soon, but it’s such a mess and an undertaking! Apparently, I really love clothes…heehee…


About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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