18 Weeks!

Well hello baby princess monkey!! I LOVE knowing that you are a little girl growing in there. I feel so much more of a connection with you now and I dream of what you will look like and what your interests will be and what parts of daddy and what parts of mommy you will be. It’s so much fun!!

Today we are officially 18 weeks along! WOOHOO!

Here is what you look like from the outside (we had a little tummy growth spurt over the week and weekend!)



Symptoms: Fetal movement (and it feels so strong now!! I LOVE it!!), frequent urination, congestion, round ligament pain, sciatica, hair growth (in weird places haha), HUNGRY!

Weight Gain: 2.5lbs

Here’s what babycenter.com says about your development:

Head to rump, your baby is about 5 1/2 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper) and he weighs almost 7 ounces. He’s busy flexing his arms and legs — movements that you’ll start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. His blood vessels are visible through his thin skin, and his ears are now in their final position, although they’re still standing out from his head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he’s born. If you’re having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If you’re having a boy, his genitals are noticeable now, but he may hide them from you during an ultrasound.

We are moving right along, my love, and I’m savoring every last second of this pregnancy…I’m really enjoying it and you! Kisses and stay strong!

P.S. I missed your 17 weeks development post so I’ll merge it with this week’s post, coming soon!


About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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