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22 Weeks!

Happy 22 weeks my love!!! Is it just me or is this whole pregnancy thing just flying by?!?! Man, you’ve been getting super strong this week (I’m guessing those little bones of yours are really starting to ossify┬ánow) and you’ve … Continue reading

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Maternity clothes, update!

Just a quickie post to show you one of my work outfits! I’m still loving the clothes I bought to accommodate my changing body. This skirt is SO comfy and so is my non-maternity Charlotte Russe top haha. Feeling great … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Ramblings – Hormonal Rollercoaster

I’ll keep this short and sweet…I’m a mess. Hormonally speaking that is, of course. Well, one could argue that last statement, but that’s neither here nor there. ­čśë It’s so incredibly exhausting to be happy and thrilled and excited one … Continue reading

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20 and 21 weeks development

You have been up to a lot of growing my little princess so here we go… The rapid growth stage is about over. While things have slowed down, this next stage is vital to survival. Counting down to 24 weeks … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Ramblings – Anxiety

Is it? Could it be? What is this strange feeling in my chest? No, seriously…is this anxiety?? I’m not an anxious person, monkey. In fact, if anything, I swing more to the mellow/depressive side when it comes to emotional states. … Continue reading

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21 Weeks!

Look at us baby girl! We are on the downward slope now…happy 21 weeks!!! ­čśÇ And yes I realize I never┬áblogged about┬áyour 20 weeks development so I’ll combine it with your 21 weeks in a few days, no worries! Just … Continue reading

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Fashionable Maternity Clothes…mission impossible?

I was beginning to become SO disheartened about my clothing options now that I don’t fit into my regular clothes.┬á I’m trying to avoid crying breakdowns by┬ánot stuffing myself into my pre-prego┬áclothes haha. Lesson learned on that one. I’ve been … Continue reading

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