Bambino or Bambina?

Baby monkey, it’s finally time!! We simply cannot wait to find out if you are a boy or a girl so as a special treat to your grandma Em, we’re going to try to schedule an ultrasound for this weekend to get a peek at your gender!  I am beyond excited!! We will finally know (hopefully if you’re in a good position!) if you are a bambino or a bambina. Wonderful! I know expectant parents say it all the time, but honestly, the thing that matters the most to me is that you are a healthy baby…boy or girl! I just want you to be perfect!! I will be happy with either gender because you are wanted and already loved! Soooooo…Who are you?!?!

People keep asking me what my gut tells me…and I really don’t know either way. It’s as much a guess for me as it is for anyone else! No deep-seeded feelings, bummer! Why don’t we see what everyone else has to say? Majority rules, no?? Haha! If you read this blog please take a moment to vote below! Even if you’re a casual follower, cast your vote! Let’s see if we’re right!

Gender ultrasound will be performed this weekend, so we’ll know by Monday! Happy voting! 😀


About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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