Thoughts and ramblings – Stealing moments

I close my eyes and lay very still. I block out all sounds and any distractions. It’s time I spend with you. Just you and me (and well a lot of the time Kuma too, because she still doesn’t leave mommy’s side haha, but she’s very quiet too). Sometimes I pull out the fetal doppler and listen to you and wonder who you are, who you will become, what you will look like… These are the most incredible moments. For just that time, we connect and I spend every ounce of my energy and concentration focussing on you. I steal these moments early in the morning and late at night. Sometimes you wake up and start moving around…almost as if you’re saying “hi mommy!” and my heart melts. I’m cherishing every moment of this pregnancy…every moment that my body supports yours…every minute that my heart beats and so does yours. Because one day we will be separate. So for now, I steal these precious moments with you and I’m so thankful and humbled by this phenomenon we call life.

I love you, baby.


About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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One Response to Thoughts and ramblings – Stealing moments

  1. Kate Watters says:

    Don’t worry Em, one day you won’t share a body with your little monkey but you will never be separate. There is nothing like a mama’s bond.

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