12 Weeks Development

So much to post about this week and again I’m updating your development the day before you turn another week, sorry! But here’s what’s been going on with you this week:

By this point, ossification (hardening) is underway in most bones. So I’ve been taking extra calcium supplements to help you out there!

At the ends of your fingers and toes, nails begin to emerge, as do your fingerprints. These patterns can be used for identification throughout life. I have loopy swirls.  I wonder what kind you have…

Your nose and lips are completely formed, as we saw from your ultrasound pictures yesterday.You can now produce complex facial expressions and, according to one group of researchers, you are capable of smiling!As with every other body part, your facial appearance will change at each stage of the life cycle, but you definitely have your unique face now.  

Also, your intestine begins to absorb glucose and water from swallowed amniotic fluid.

Though your gender was determined at fertilization, your genitalia now distinguish male from female. Too bad we couldn’t see it yesterday though!

You now have “immunological competence” as your bone marrow starts producing white blood cells. These are the infection fighting cells which will help you to stay well and healthy.

Your thyroid gland weighs 12 grams…wow.

You now have auditory cells: inner & outer hair cells and soon you will be able to hear!

As you can see, this week has been quite productive for you! Here are some pictures of what you look like at 12 weeks:

Um, my stomach is not as flat as the below picture…pffft.

Okay this one is kind of creepy, but it’s just a model simulation of what you’d look like outside right now. Though, you should NOT come out right now. I repeat, stay put little one! 🙂

And this is by far my favorite. It shows the bone and the cartilage development in a 12 week old fetus. The bone is in pink and the cartilage is in blue. The nose and mouth are on the left side of the picture (it took me a second to figure out what I was looking at haha):

Phew, happy 12 weeks development! Now let’s bring on 13 and the second trimester!! Love you!


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