HCG, a dog, and holy nausea!

In case you were wondering how badly mommy wants you…I have been subjecting myself to frequent blood draws to measure my human chorionic gonadatropic (HCG) hormone (the pregnancy hormone!) to make sure you’re growing and happy in there. I must confess…I’m a little obsessive.  You’re all I think about all day long and I track these numbers with a vengeance. 🙂 Hey I promised you I would try to do everything right by you this time! Mommy keeps those promises! Well, my little souvenir, so far so good. You are growing splendidly. Check out these HCG numbers!

2/24/2011 13 99
2/27/2011 16 595
3/1/2011 18 2398
3/4/2011 21 7431

I have two more blood draws before I get to see your little heartbeat (10 days!) so I’ll update my chart soon.

In other news… meet Kuma

She knew that you were on the way before I did! Before I even took a test Kuma could sense you were on the way! I love it! I think she’s really excited to meet you and she can’t wait to be your best friend. She follows mommy around everywhere and won’t leave me alone…not even for a minute. She’s very protective of you already and I’m okay with that. What a beautiful bond, before you are even born! Lucky baby! I even found this neat article online about dogs knowing when their mommies are prego from pregnancy-info.net. Check it out here.

Here is my favorite little excerpt:  “Just how your dog will react to your pregnancy will vary according to your pet. Many women report that their once husband-loving pet has now abandoned that man for her and her pregnant belly. Often becoming more clingy and protective, dogs have been known to stay directly beside mom’s side, even waiting outside the shut bathroom door or next to the tub while you bathe and sleeping beside your bed every night, for the full nine months.”

And lastly, I had to share. I had my first incident of almost losing my cookies yesterday. It happened so fast I nearly threw up all over the inside of Daddy’s company car! I have been feeling waves of nausea here and there but it’s really not bad at all and it’s a welcome sign that you are doing well inside of me! Every time I feel the slightest bit of ickiness, I smile and feel thankful for that little sign of wellbeing. Well, yesterday was a whole different story.  Daddy and I decided to eat In ‘n out (you’ll come to love this place, trust me haha) for lunch while we were on the run getting our errands done. That means car eating. Out of nowhere, my stomach turned in an instant. I had to throw down my protein style cheeseburger and I feared I would lose it right then and there…all over my lunch and my lap in the car. Luckily, it passed just as quickly as it came on. But holy nausea! That was insane! If I’m being honest, it kind of made me happy. That’s got to be a great sign, right?

Hang tight my little Costa Rican monkey! I love you!


About Em

After the loss of our first pregnancy, we took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica to enjoy each other and clear our minds. Well, as luck would have it, we brought home much more than great memories and great tans...our own little Costa Rican souvenir. Here is our journey!
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