Developmental rockstar!!

So three days ago, out of nowhere, you decided to start pointing…at 8 months old. Are you kidding me?! So now you pretty much do it all the time and you are so proud of yourself too. Confession. I’m pretty proud of you as well!!! You are so developmentally ahead of the game and it is so amazing to watch. 

You also wave with your hand/fingers now. And you officially say mama!!! Woohoo!!! Daddy also swears he heard you say your name tonight…I’m not so sure about that, but I wouldn’t put it past you!

This age is so incredibly fun!!!

Psssst. Still no teeth 😉



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8 months 

And the development really continues! You’re officially 8 months old today my precious jewel!! And wow, you just keep growing and changing and surprising me every day! This last month you have learned some very fun tricks; from waving to almost crawling to eating and talking! It’s been so exciting to see how many skills you’ve gained in the last few weeks, but also it’s bittersweet because it’s just all going so fast! 

Newest Developments

  • Waving! You can wave hi and bye and just because 😉
  • Rocking to crawl. Yep, you’ve figured out how to get on hands and knees and rock back and forth. Any day now you’ll be crawling. Wah!
  • Talking!!! Wow. Yep, you’re officially a talker now which is just crazy to me!!! Your first words? Dog and Dada! 😍
  • Eating. Anything and everything haha. You love food and try to steal it off my plate any chance you get!
  • Still teething and no teeth yet. You’re still my baby WOOHOO! 

Weight – 

Length – 28 inches

Head – 17.75 inches






















I love you baby girl!

Mommy Em

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Just because

Because it’s Friday. Because my heart is bursting with love for you girls. Because I want to document our adventures every chance I get. Just because. ❤️💋

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7 Months

And here we are my precious Jewel!! 7 months old and you’re getting more and more fun everyday! These monthly birthdays are coming so fast…please slow down! I’m trying my very hardest to savor each moment of you as a teeny tiny, but look at you grow!! We are on the downward slope to your first birthday, what?? Noooo! I want to freeze you just the way your are; my teeny chubby happy baby!!! 😍

Length: 27.5 inches

Weight: unknown

Head: 17.7 inches

Newest developments:

  • Standing supported. You are so strong!
  • Stranger anxiety. You cry if someone unfamiliar to you tries to hold you. If I’m holding you and someone comes over to say hi, you smile and bury your face in my chest. CUTE!
  • Foods. Trying lots of whole foods and so far your favorites seem to be cucumbers and mangos! You are so curious about food and I think once you finally get teeth you’re going to be a force to be reckoned with, ha!
  • Teething. Still!
  • Lunging forward. You do this while sitting or if I’m holding you in my lap. It’s almost as if you are trying to figure out crawling. 
  • Car rides. These are so much better these days!! Woohoo! I think it helps that you have your sister back there to entertain you. 😊

You’re still my number one happy baby, always smiling and giggling and squealing! We’ve been trying to work on getting you to say ma ma ma, ba ba ba, da da da. But you’re really only interested in squealing at the moment haha! 

I love you my beautiful daughter!

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Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I cry. Sometimes the tears stream outwardly down my cheeks. Sometimes the tears stay inside and I feel the tug on my heart, heavy inside my chest. Sometimes the tears are joyful and sometimes they are mixed with sadness. But regardless, these tears are for you my girls. These tears are the physical manifestation of the love that I feel inside my body and at times is so great, it cannot be confined. 

These moments with you, they are fleeting and passing all too quickly. I look at you, Jewel, giggling and laughing as you stare at my face; your little hands and arms grasp for my body and I feel your whole body relax once I swoop you into my arms and against my chest. I wonder in amazement, Sparkle, as I see you flying around the room, dancing and the pure joy emanating from your face as you soar through our home. When did you turn into this beautiful, creative and intelligent little girl? It was you who was once swaddled up in my arms, against my chest, like your sister is now. 

One day, soon, the two of you will not be my tiny little  wonders and I’ll ache for these moments, as chaotic as they may be. I will ache for you to sleep and breathe heavy against my neck, I will ache for your little hands and arms to grasp onto my body, I will ache for your little voices to laugh and squeal in my ears. That’s when the tears come. Because this journey of motherhood is more than anything I had ever imagined and as much as I try to drink you in every single moment of every single day, the moments pass far too quickly. 

I hope one day you know the love that I feel for the two of you, that you understand how my heart can be filled with so much love that it’s almost painful. I hope one day you understand why… Sometimes I cry. ❤️❤️❤️

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6 Months (Part 2)

And onwards to the celebration! :) <3

You are so much fun right now. Your little personality continues to shine through now and I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know you and your likes, dislikes and making you laugh! I swear, you have the best little laugh ever!!!

We are new to Colorado and still in our teeny little condo for the time being so we had to improvise for a location for our little photo session, but I think we did okay little jewel!

Happy 6 months! And enjoy a little video I put together to celebrate you and the half year you’ve been with us. I love you so much and have waited my whole life for you!

E-IMG_4395 E-IMG_4415 E-IMG_4443E-IMG_4479 E-IMG_4514


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6 Months (part 1)

Half a year!! 6 months my precious jewel! Happy half birthday to the happiest baby of all time and the sweetest little chunk! 😘 These past 6 months have flown by far too quickly and my mama heart is trying to soak you all in daily but the days fly by so quickly! I can’t believe that you are already a half year old. Weren’t you just that tiny 7 pound squish yesterday?? Wasn’t it just a minute ago you smiled at me for the first time? Wasn’t it just the other day that big sister came and met you at the hospital for the first time and fell madly in love with you, as we all did?

Oh my gorgeous second born, it is so hard for me to accurately convey the love I have in my heart for you. It’s all consuming. Literally. It takes every ounce of control in me not to gobble you up! Ha! I’m constantly kissing you all over your chubby cheeks, tummy and toes. I cannot help myself. You are DELICIOUS!!! 😘😘😘 I’ve never met another baby as good natured, happy and jolly and sweet as you! I feel truly blessed to be able to call you mine. ❤️💋

This is the first of two posts to celebrate your half birthday. 😁 After all, half birthdays are a big deal around these parts!!! We will be doing a 6 month photo shoot to commemorate and I will be putting together a little video of your first 6 months, but in all honesty, I truly cannot remember my life without you. You were meant to be! This family was not complete without you!!!

Newest Developments
– Sitting up!!! Big girl! You can now officially sit up! Of course you haven’t mastered the skill, but you’re pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself! You can even catch yourself on your hands sometimes if you begin to tip over.
– Raspberries galore lol. It’s on of your favorite pastimes, in addition to high pitched squeals when you’re in a really good mood.
– Temperament. Have I mentioned what a joyously happy baby you are???! I’m still amazed, daily, at how easy going and sweet you are. You’re constantly smiling at me, your daddy and especially your big sister (one of your all time favorite people). I’ve also never heard you laugh harder than when your sister is trying to entertain you! 😂
– Stranger anxiety. You’ve now become aware of your surroundings and your people. You know when mommy is in the room…and when mommy is not in the room haha! You now cry when strangers try to hold you, but you will lovingly smile and coo at strangers from my arms 😉.
– Teething. Oh goodness the drool ha! So much teething happening right now. I know those teeth will be popping through any day now and it makes me sad to think I only have days left of your gummy smile.
– Manipulating objects. You’re an expert grabber and holder of objects. You reach for anything and everything within eyesight…even if it’s too far away ha! You grunt and get annoyed if you cNt reach something or if we move a dangerous object away from your reach.
– You still haven’t rolled over and you still hate to be on your tummy and cry whenever we try to force tummy time, so we don’t do a lot of it.
– Laughing. Full out belly laughs!!! This is my favorite. Your sister is pretty much the only person who can make you laugh so hard that it turns into a belly laugh. It turns my mama heart into a giant puddle on the floor! 😍

Weight: 16lbs 5oz
Height: 26.5 inches
Head: 17.5 inches

Happy 6 months my girl!!! Mommy is head over heels in love!!!





















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